Years Covered: 2005,006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011
Module Programming: $100 one time fee.
Transponder Keys: $50 per key.
Remote/Fobik Keys: N/A per fob.

Quick Info:
Difficulty Scale: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Target Module: Odometer Cluster
Key Cutting: Drivers Door Lock
Pro Tips:
  • This is one of the easiest door locks and odometers to remove you will ever come across. The only reason the difficulty is set to 4 is because I accounted for the work needed for shipping as well. Make sure to package everything well and wrap cluster and lock separately.
  • If your year is 2005, It must be the late 06/2005+ model with new body style. The old body style needs to use the 99-05 information.
Lock Removal Instructions:
  • Tools needed: T15 Driver, Flashlight
  • Open drivers door and starting from the top. Pull back the plastic cover going down the side at least half way down.
  • Notice the holes? Inside the one that is a right around the lock cylinder area, use your flashlight to see inside. There should be a t10 or t15 set screw. Loosen it. It shouldn't come out but be careful that it doesn't or you will have a nightmare on your hands.
  • Once set screw is loosened the door lock cylinder will pull out. Sometimes they are a little tight to come out but just be sure the set screw is fully loosened and keep wiggling the lock in till its out
Module Removal Instructions:
  • Disconnect the cars battery, Usually you will need a 10mm socket/wrench for this.
  • Tools needed: T15 Driver
  • Remove the plastic trim near the bottom of Odometer cluster. It held by snap in clips and just pulls up.
  • Once trim is out of the way you should see two t15 screws that are securing the odometer cluster in place. Remove these screws
  • With screws removed you simply pull the cluster towards you to remove. There are no wire clips to remove.
vw cluster removal