Make / Model: Nissan Altima
Years Covered: 2005-2006
Module Programming: $100 one time fee.
Transponder Keys: $50 per key.
Remote/Fobik Keys: $75 per rke/fob.

Quick Info:
Difficulty Scale: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Target Module: BCM Module
Key Cutting: VIN #
Pro Tips:
  • This service is for keyed ignitions only. Not for smart key or push buttons nissans.
  • Remove the OBDII socket to make room to pull BCM out. Just push in the tabs on the side and it comes out from its metal bracket.
  • sometime you will see the front of the BCM module sometimes you will first see the back like in image below.
Lock Removal Instructions:
  • N/A
Module Removal Instructions:
  • Disconnect the cars battery, Usually you will need a 10mm socket/wrench for this.
  • Tools needed: Phillips Screwdriver, 10mm socket.
  • Remove fuse panel cover and the phillips screw behind it. -see fig 1.
  • Remove phillips screw located at the bottom right of knee panel. -see fig 2. Knee panel pulls away pretty easy now
  • *Optional* Remove OBDII from metal bracket by pushing in the tabs on side.
  • Remove two 10mm bolts holding BCM module in place. -see fig 3.
  • You may now pull the BCM module down and disconnect it. -see fig 4.
nissan bcm module removal