We offer replacement car keys by mail. Cut & Programmed.
Due to the lack of honest/capable/affordable locksmiths across the country, We are now providing our advanced automotive locksmith services to the entire United States. We have spent over a decade mastering the art of generating automotive keys. Generally this can only be done locally due to the security chips located inside your key. However with a little DIY on your part we can still generate you a transponder key or fob for your car.
This site is best utilized by DIY Car owners, Mechanics & other Locksmiths.
For us be able to generate new keys for your car or truck you will need to send us your cars security module/immo module via US mail. Once we recieve the module we can then program the needed security information onto the new keys. Sometimes these modules are easily removed, sometimes they are not so not everyone will be able to utilize this service.
These Are the most common reasons why our mail-in key services are used.
*Can't find a reliable locksmith that can do it locally:
There is no such thing as "Dealer only" but you hear it a lot for the simple fact that not many locksmiths are skilled enough or put in the effort to handle advanced automotive keys. Their easiest reply to you is that it can't be done or that its dealer only.
*Local locksmith is charging a small fortune:
This is the most common, and they are not wrong. It is a difficult niche. Tools are expensive, Proper training is hard to come by and things are changing on a regular basis. They need to recoup their costs so they need to charge accordingly. Thankfully we have become so efficient at this type of work that we are able to offer a more affordable option to consumers.
*Mechanic shops and Dealers use us to benefit their customers:
We research our trade everyday and focus all our resources into just this field of work. This allows us to offer quality work at an affordable rate. That is why many mechanics and car dealers call us in to take care of key makes, immo programming and pcm re-flashing jobs all the time to save their customers money over in house methods which often require replacing expensive modules and switches.


How our mail in keymake service works:
  1. Find your car in our list of available mail-in key makes menu below.
  2. Send us a Mail-in key make request along with any questions.
  3. Follow instructions provided to remove your security module and/or car lock if needed.
  4. Mail your security module and lock to our workshop.
    (Once we receive your module/lock we will create key(s) and return package within 24hr)
  5. Receive your returned module, lock and key(s) in mail and re-install them in your car.